Pay It Forward

We all can pay it forward in small ways hoping our contribution will be a part of the bigger picture of spreading the good karma all around the world. Paying for the car’s order behind you in the drive-thru, dropping an extra coin into an almost-expiring parking meter (a car should be parked there, of course), springing for the next table’s meal tab and leaving before they know it was you. Even this last holiday season there were so many good-deeds stories, my heart was warm and my eyes were rarely dry.  People are generally good…right?  Right!

We are all connected in some way or another, whether it is a direct relationship, or the old Kevin-Bacon-six-degrees-of-separation way.  know the saying “it’s a small world”! Sometimes we forget that every person we come in contact with is affected by our actions. The people we see at work, the cars we pass on the street, the person ringing up our grocery items, the guy we sat next to on the bus. Whatever or whoever you pass in some way, shape, form, or another, say hi, be pleasant, drive defensively, smile, pay it forward in even smaller ways and the world could be that much more bearable to live in and the karma that comes back your way could prove more beneficial than you could ever imagine.


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