Pointing The Finger At Yourself

Being a part of a winning team is tough, and only the tough survive.

In almost every aspect of life, we are a part of a team. Marriage, friendship, colleagues, church, family, Facebook, whatever….the list can go on and on.

I took some time today to develop on my team skills, to see where I could improve. It’s not easy hearing it from someone else, much less alone pointing the finger at yourself. But, according to the information I gathered, this is a part of being on a functional team. Here are more tips I’d like to share:

1. Communicate
2. Listen
3. Respect
4. Be tactful and sensitive to others’ feelings
5. No destructive comments about others
6. Take criticism & critiquing as a way to grow
7. Don’t feel the need to be right, or go it alone because of others are sloppy
8. Give up some level of control
9. Don’t play center stage, share the spotlight
10. Have some humility & change your style of play where needed

Reiterated Additional Tips:
A. Give team members a chance to demonstrate their range of skills, knowledge, and abilities.
B. Transfer responsibility & ownership to fellow team members rather than hanging on to ownership.
C. Make it as easy as possible for others to ask for help and create an environment of trust and integrity where people can talk to you in confidence.


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