40th Birthday Basket – Nice and Over-the-Hill


The Niceties:

1.  Favorite Wine or Tequilla or non-alcoholic drink

2.  Favorite Bath Scrub, Lip Balm, Lotion, and Loopha

The Not-So-Niceties:

3.  Magnifying Glass

4.  Jar Filled with Gumballs labeled ‘40 Blows

5.  Bag Filled with lollipops labeled ‘40 Sucks

6.  Super-Duper-Extra Large Wine Glass hand painted ‘Just Take Turning 40 With A Grain of Salt’ or ‘40 I Love Cooking with Wine, Sometimes I Even Put It In the Food


7.  Basket

8.  Ribbon

9.  Scissors, glue, glass paints and stock paper

10. Jar for gumballs, Big Glass to paint

11. Lollipops & Gumballs

12. Cellophane

13. Personal Touch Items: Gift Tag, Receiver’s Initial, Card


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