Best Time To Buy…

Get the best deals on everything from airline tickets to a car. It’s all in your timing

What: Airline tickets

When: 1 a.m. on Wednesday

Why: This is the best time to find a deal because airlines reset their fares every Wednesday just after midnight, says Peter Greenberg, Men’s Health Travel Detective.


What: New suit

When: January or July

Why: The spring collection hits stores in January, so find a deal on fall suits; they’ll be marked down as much as 30 percent. It’s the reverse in July.


What: Gym membership

When: July and August

Why: New memberships plummet midsummer, so you might find a deal because gyms are in a negotiating mood.


What: Car

When: November and December

Why: Don’t, as many experts say, buy the previous year’s model in late summer when the new models hit. There’s a year of depreciation on them already. Instead, buy next year’s model late in the year, when dealers are antsy.


What: Caribbean vacation

When: March and April

Why: There will still be plenty of chilly weather at home to escape in early spring, and you’ll save 25 percent or more by avoiding the peak season of December to February, says Orbitz travel expert Kendra Thornton.


What: House

When: October to December

Why: Real estate varies from place to place. But in general, supply exceeds demand in the fall, after the school year begins.





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