The CEO of Life Lock Had His Identity Stolen 13 Times

You’ve probably seen the ads on television where Todd Davis introduces himself as the CEO of Life Lock and points to what he claims is his real social security number. These ads are all to promote the security of Life Lock, implying that someone who used it was so safe from identity theft that he or she could make his or her SSN public and be fine. Exactly what you might have expected to happen happened.


On at least 13 separate occasions, Todd Davis has had his identity stolen. At least 13 people opened up all kinds of accounts, most of which he didn’t even discover until the collection agencies came calling. So what became of Life Lock in light of all of this? Well they were fined 12 million dollars for bogus advertising and really shoddy security practices. It turns out the “private data” Life Lock was helping people protect was pretty easy to access.


Lifelock is still running today, but if you want to keep your identity from being stolen, there are many free basic steps you can take. They basically all come down to being smart where you put your information. For example, never use the digits of your SSN for anything, and never reveal where you were born publicly on the Internet. And most obviously, be very careful about where you put your credit information.



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