September To-Do’s

Fight Hay Fever:  Consider butterbur and stinging nettle capsules for relief without drowsiness. (Consult with your physician first before implementing any new medications into your daily routine.)


Prevent Wasp Stings:  Don’t leave fallen fruit on the ground. Tightly cover garbage cans, or spray the inside with ammonia.


Plant a Tree:  Cool fall weather is prime time for tree planting – and for price reductions at nurseries.  Make sure your purchase comes with a one-year guarantee.


Don’t Miss The Tax Break For Short Sales:  Mortgage debt written off by lenders in a short sales is excluded from taxable income – but only through December 31, 2012.


Visit Museums For Free:  Hundreds of museums and other cultural venues are offering free admission on Saturday, September 29.  Download tickets at


Souce:  Bottom Line Personal, September 1, 2012 Issue


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