October 4, 2012 – 10-4 Day

Here is a list of the thirty most popular CB slang terms as voted by visitors to this site. If you enjoy this list, we hope you’ll share it with your friends and help spread the fun!  Source:  http://www.cbslang.com/popular/


1 Cheese Wagon School bus
2 Cowboy Cadillac Pickup truck
3 Sleeper Leaper Working girl
4 Driving Award Speeding ticket
Harvey Wallbumper Someone who drives recklessly
6 Chicken Choker Truck carrying poultry
7 Greasy Side Up Truck that’s flipped over
8 Gator Guts Pieces of shredded tire in the road
9 Big 10-4 I completely agree
10 Draggin’ Wagon Tow truck
11 Bubble Trouble Problem with your tire
12 Lot Lizard Working girl at truck stop
13 Fifty Dollar Lane Passing lane
14 Toes On the Bumper Driving at full-speed
15 Town Clown Local police officer
16 Weight Watcher Weigh station worker
17 Meat Wagon Ambulance
18 Smoke Detector Radar detector
19 Pay the Water Bill Use the restroom
20 Starving the Bears Driving the speed limit
21 Boom Wagon Truck carrying dangerous cargo
22 Half Cheese A short school bus
23 Smile and Comb Your Hair Radar trap ahead, slow down
24 Lane Lover Vehicle who won’t leave a particular lane
25 Loot Limo Armored car
26 Pregnant Roller Skate Volkswagen Beetle
27 Billy Big Rigger Trucker with a big ego
28 Chew-n-choke Restaurant
29 Tijuana Taxi Tow truck
30 Bone Box Ambulance

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